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About Pleasant Accomodation

Pleasant Accommodation is a worldwide network of companies renting privately owned apartments & villas in different parts of the world. All our clients have high standards, striving to provide some of the best possible renting services a private owner can give. Are your properties welcoming and always ready to receive new clients ? What about yourself ? To have a prosperous business you must fulfill the customers' wishes and go beyond that. At Pleasant Accommodation we are looking for companies that fit this profile. Below one can find some major points that define the companies inside our network.

That's how a deal should be described. The client (person renting the property) is given privacy and extra space, which are hard to find in a hotel room, for the price of a hotel room or even less. Renting a private property keeps you away from unwanted noisy children or neighbors, allowing you to relax in tranquility. If you think of the amenities given by a hotel room, they are quite limited; instead, a private property can give clients a multitude of special amenities, such as a barbeque for preparing tasty grills!

The decorations of the interiors and exteriors has been previously thought and made so as to fit the requests of a luxury property. Some properties have pools, terraces or gardens, which are all carefully being taken care of. A professional team of builders, architects and interior designers has been employed to work and renovate our clients' properties to ensure that they meet our standards. You will have all the luxury you would expect from a first class hotel with all the convenience of being at home.

In terms of AMENITIES, because our clients' properties come fully equipped with pretty much everything one could think of. In terms of STAFF, because the personnel used is loyal and dedicated, always ready to kindly assist you with your needs and problems, letting you know that they are there for you. In terms of INFORMATION, because most of our clients are directly involved into meeting the guests & helping them accommodate, while others have local managers prepared to meet and help you with your needs. Not only will they do this, but you will also be able to get answers to all your questions and find out a lot of information about the surroundings, points of interest, activities one can do and so on.

Having in mind the idea of the whole rental process, "pleasant" is a word frequently used by the clients of the companies in our network. Starting with organizing the trip beforehand (reservation payment, getting in touch with the clients, planification etc.), then the welcoming and checking-in, as well as informing and solving the clients' needs and problems, to their departure and the process of maintaining the relationship, every client should feel he/she has been treated in the best possible way.

If you consider that these above concepts represent you, your properties & services then feel free to contact and tell us about yourself. We always enjoy helping companies (that deserve to be helped) evolve to the next level!